I've been using macOS for a bit more than 10 years now (since Snow Leopard maybe) It has so many apps & tools which is very useful and some not available in any other platforms. I have a MacBook Pro from my work and a machine with Hackintosh installed.
I maintain my apps on both machines with my laptop script.


​Alfred (Free/Paid)

Spotlight replacement, with many useful workflows (Powerpack required.)

​Dash (Paid)

API & programming languages documentation browser. Saves me quite some time googling. Works offline.

​iTerm2 (Free/Donation)

A better terminal. The latest version (3.3) also introduce Python API so it should have many useful plugins in the future.

​Time Out (Free/Donation)

I apply my Pomodoro Technique with this app. What I like is it can block your whole screen with an overlay which is customizable.

​Visual Studio Code (Open Source)

My code editor of choice, I switched from Sublime Text for quite some time now. Speed is not better but good enough.
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